Scrap Metal is in very high demand these days globally.

    Unfortunately like many commodities, there are very few reliable and credible suppliers that can actually deliver the product to the END BUYER.

    After several months of due diligence and negotiations, Joe Ochoa and Edward Bahl, Managing Partners of JOEB Commodities have developed very strong relationships with several scrap metal yards in the Gulf area. These relationships enable us to receive monthly allotments of various grades of scrap metal to include HMS 1 & 2.

    JOEB Commodities has a "direct agent" agreement with these companies to purchase these scrap metal allotments from them on a FOB South Texas port basis.

    Our offices are literally minutes away from this large well established scrap metal supplier. We have negotiated a credit line with the supplier and have the ability to immediately supply scrap metal to clients globally.

    We will ONLY deal with the END BUYER or the END BUYERS agent.

    Please send an email to or for inqueries.

    Our relationship with the supplier also allows us direct access to other scrap metal yards nationally so availability is not an issue.


    These procedures are a suggested guideline as to how we would IDEALLY like to progress with a transaction. As with every business transaction there is always room for negotiating in a rationale and reasonable manner. In some cases we may offer to put our supplier / producer in a direct relationship with the buyer in order to expedite and streamline the transaction.

    Our primary objective is to insure that we develop a long term mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. As such we will do everthing possible to work towards a successful transaction with our customers.

      * Buyer issues an LOI to JOEB Commodities.

      * JOEB Commodities issues a SCO to the Buyer specifying price, quantity and delivery terms of FOB Bulk Port of Brownsville.

      * Buyer issues a corporate purchase order to JOEB Commodities.

      * JOEB issues a commercial invoice to the buyer with terms and conditions of delivery. JOEB accompanies the commercial invoice with pictures and an "invitation to visit" the port during the loading process.

      * Buyer signs the commercial invoice and submits a deposit of 33% of invoice total to lock in the quantity and price, and move the product from the "yard" to the port for loading onto the Buyers ship.

      * JOEB Commodities assigns Buyer a dedicated "agent" to provide real-time status updates on the status of the order.

      * JOEB Commodities establishes a REAL-TIME delivery status website to enable the buyer to monitor the delivery of the order.

      * JOEB Commodities bank verifies Buyers deposit and begins loading containers and/or transporting the scrap to the loading port.

      * Buyer inspects bulk product and Q & Q report and approves general loading of scrap to the Buyers ship.

      * Upon cverification of Q&Q, the Buyer pays the balance of the invoice and the Buyers ship is loaded with the specified cargo.

      * Cargo documents are finalized and Buyers ship sails to Buyers port.

    We welcome all our buyers to visit us at the Port of Brownsville, TX during the "loading process". We require a letter on your company letter head requesting permission from the Brownsville, TX port authority to be present during loading as well as a copy of your passport.

    We will only talk to END BUYERS or individuals directly representing the END BUYER. We ABSOLUTELY refuse to discuss product offerings with brokers or intermediaries, no exceptions.

    For additional information regarding the sellers procedures and current inventory available, contact us by phone or EMail using the "Contact Us" link to the left